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E-GiftCards to thegoddess at lafemmesuprema dot com

Feed MY Cash Fetish

I currently want only gift cards for various projects I’m working on. I will update as my needs and wants change. I always accept Amazon cards since I buy almost all my staple items with Amazon Prime. Ebay & Etsy gift cards are good, too. Love those sites for the vintage kitsch, custom beauty items and lingerie. I also use the Ebay cards to buy other gift cards I may want.

Amazon Gift Cards – Always the Perfect Gift

That’s what they say and seriously – they are. I find myself doing almost all of my mundane household shopping on there. I also use Amazon Gift Cards to buy streaming media (boycott the cable monopoly) and to indulge my shoe & makeup fetishes. Amazon Gift Cards should be emailed to thegoddess at lafemmesuprema dot com.

Not currently looking for SpaFinder cards, my favorite providers don’t accept them.


Say it with CASH!

♥ An old school envelope full of cash via snail mail is delicious! ♥ Money transfer is almost as tasty ♥ Get to know me and these things will be possible for you. ♥  Say it with cash, worship Me and feed my fetish ♥

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