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Prosperity vs bankruptcy

By Goddess Leesa on Monday, January 30th, 2012

My prosperity is your bankruptcy. Its been a good 3 months. You lurkers who are not in my inner circle haven’t seen much of me during that time. No blogging, no tweeting, no Yahoo, few responses to emails, declined calls – here’s why.

My prosperity - your banruptcy

My prosperity is your bankruptcy

My prosperity is your bankruptcy - too

My prosperity is your bankruptcy - too

azzslave is tapped out for now. My prosperity came at his expense – are you next? Do you dare? Dip your toe in the water – come on. Water’s fine. So warm. So wet. So inviting. So invigorating. So … bubbly. So very therapeutic. Come on in. Get what you truly need and deserve. Worship at My altar.

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