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About Goddess Leesa

Goddess Leesa - Femdom Therapy, Financial Slavery, Mind Bending Femdom MP3's, Fetish for The Upscale submale

Superior Female

I’m a mature, experienced Dominant Woman bringing what I love & do best to the online fetish world – female dominance.

I strongly believe in female superiority, not just my own but in the potential of my entire gender. Of course, all of us females are sadly NOT living UP to our potential. Be that as it may, we will ALWAYS be over you, as long we choose to seize our power.

Men are made weak by their sexuality, as I’ve said before in other places “It’s the penis thing!”. Thinking about sex every 7 seconds or whatever has GOT to make you a little distracted & more than a little subservient to the object of your desire. Thus, the penis thing. This isn’t the entire argument for female superiority, but “the penis thing” is very big piece of that puzzle.

I’ve been profiting from your weakness and my strength for a long time. Using men, controlling them, disciplining them – it all seemed to come very naturally to me. No one taught me, I just knew. Knew you were weak, knew you were ripe to be used, knew what my predatory instincts told me to do when I stumbled upon a beta male.

I could go on & on expanding on these topics but this is the “ABOUT GODDESS LEESA” page, and those topics would be better dealt with in individual blog posts. Stick around, I may write them.

What else do you need to know about me?

Physical Stats:

  • Brunette (except when I’m wigging out or playing with color – I’ve been just about every color of the rainbow, hair-wise)
  • 5’5 1/2 barefoot
  • 36D – 28 – 39
  • Shoe size – a perfect man-trampling size 9


  • Italian American Goddess born & bred in the NYC metro area
  • College-educated, literate, artistic, creative, competitive
  • Compelling. Stubborn. Seductive. Commanding. Demanding.
  • Brilliant. Sensitive. Intuitive. Manipulative. Hypnotic. Erotic.
  • Independent. Experienced. Analytical. Iconoclastic.
  • Unforgettable.
    • Sexual Orientation:
    • Firmly on the heterosexual side of the spectrum. Although I can appreciate & will play with an attractive woman, my true satisfaction comes from dominating, controlling & using men for my pleasure.
    • Strongly believe in the alpha, beta & sub-beta male concepts
    • Non-monogamous
    • polyamorous
    • commitmentphobic : -)
    • cuckoldress? perhaps, but not in the way you’re probably thinking (there’ll be more on that in future blogs)
    • My Fetish Life

    • Do you want to serve me? Online or off? There’s a FAQ for that. Or call me to discuss that.
    • Do you just like to have a little fetish fantasy fun, roleplay online, dabble in financial domination, or want to purchase some of my mp3’s ~ there’s a FAQ for that, too, and plenty of info on the blog. You can also call me or send an email first to see if we’re compatible.
    • I don’t promise to answer all emails, I simply don’t have time.
    • I don’t answer IM’s at all from new boys, unless you’ve paid for that privilege. My IM ID is for sale up above you.
    • The best way right now to find out more about me & become part of my world is to call me or tribute me. Read my blog & do as told.

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