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Wishlist slave exploitation.

By Goddess Leesa on Friday, January 20th, 2012

Gifts picked up from my PO BOX this week. I haven’t opened most of these yet. Will do more pics when everything is opened and organized. Tomorrow is teeth whitening and mani/pedi day so no pics or contact til late evening. I may have a friend or two over. I’m considering mentoring a few new dommes and if I do, I will include an intro to the wonderful world of financial enslavement. Just think, you may be able to qualify as a guinea pig(gie, god I hate that piggie word) or better yet, a financial domination crash test dummy for a new young domina!

Haul from the wishlist this week

This week's haul - wishlist slaves hard at work

I might put the boxes up for sale when I’m done opening everything. In fact, I’m planning a whole new tangible goods section for this site! The better you boys perform, the faster I’ll get it done. Even my garbage is worth paying for, just make sure you prove worthy of the opportunity.

And – updated 1/28. The actual loot (part of it, more to come. There are 2 more dominatrix boots, my Nook color and some other stuff to add).

New microsuede drapes

New microsuede drapes - 4 pair

Doc Martens ass kicking boots

Doc Martens Butt Kickers

Guess Hatbox Luggage

Guess Hatbox Carryon

New red boots

Red boots detail

Red boots

Samanta Red Boots

Red boots toe

Red boots toe

Robotic floor cleaner

Mint Robotic Floor Cleaner - more efficient at cleaning my floors than you are.

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