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Why I don’t have any tattoos

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, July 1st, 2010

The same reason that “Teresa” from Real Housewives of NJ doesn’t have any:

“Would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”

lol..omg…I can’t BEGIN to tell you what an abject moron this woman is, in addition to being a disgusting caricature of an Italian-American woman from NJ.  However, I was flipping channels yesterday and I caught this little gem of wisdom from her.   I just googled it and it turns out its not even an original thought.   LOL so not surprised, can cro magnon abject morons have original thought?  lol..that forehead, its so low it could only be housing half a brain.

Anyway, enough Teresa bashing, the original quote seems to be from one of the Kardashians but maybe someone else said it before that, even.

But yeah, tattoos, not to insult any of my tattooed readers or friendly acquaintances, but tats are just so not me.  I’m absolutely perfect, exactly as I am, creamy white Mediterranean skin should never be blemished with needles and INK!  ugh

In addition, I’m wayyyy too fickle when it comes to adorning myself and my body.  Don’t people tire of the tats quickly and want something new?  I know I would.  It’s like changing the color of your eye shadow or nail polish or something.  Well, nail polish isn’t a good example in my case,  I only like a few colors but STILL its a few!  I wouldn’t want to be sentenced to wearing one color for the rest of my life, KWIM?  And have to have a laser treatment if I had the inevitable change of mind?

Enjoy my beauty as it is, my minions.  Bask in unsullied Pure Perfection.  

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