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What it’s like to serve Goddess Leesa

By Goddess Leesa on Saturday, September 26th, 2009

I’m releasing a new pay-to-view downloadable story entitled “What it’s like to serve Goddess Leesa” It’s a TRUE & quite exciting story of financial bondage, domination & humiliation from my supplicant “wallstreetwimp”. PLUS you get a cam still of Godddess Leesa when you purchase with my Niteflirt pay to view buttons. The total length of the story is niine pages – the story is a .pdf file attachment & you’ll need Adobe Acrobat on your computer to read it (most computers have this – if you encounter problems, just let me know).

Purchase the complete nine page story using Niteflirt PTV:

I’m publishing the intro to the story FREE in this blog post! Read on….

It all started one night while surfing the web. He came across one of those call centers that had a smorgasbord of choices – women home alone, fem dommes, mistresses, spanking, college coeds, fetishes and more. As he clicked on the site, there were millions more choices – blondes, redheads, older, younger. Mitch always seemed to migrate towards the dark hair and dark eyed Women. Women who could penetrate his soul with one long gaze into their eyes. These particular Women knew they held the upper hand when dealing with men, and they had crafted their individual websites to lure all those weak males to their lairs. It was at this site, and this day, where Mitch would begin his journey of submission. He just didn’t realize how far he would be going.

Mitch was always weak when in the presence of Women. His tongue was always tied and he stammered worse than a five year old with a speech impediment when in their presence. He could never look them in the eye, and he never knew what to say. He would just stare at their legs, especially if they were encased in leather boots. He couldn’t help himself. he loved looking at women dressed in leather, wearing sexy clothes. Once he came across that website where he could call some of these women, he was in heaven. A little fantasy couldn’t hurt anyone he thought.

He came across Goddess Leesa’s site and his heart started pumping. Her written words seemed to penetrate his soul. She described Herself as an Italian American Princess from Jersey who was used to using men, and having them do anything She wanted. Mitch was hooked – Goddess Leesa was of the same nationality, and in the same part of the country. It was fate that he call the Goddess Leesa.”

NEED to read more? Purchase the complete nine page story using Niteflirt PTV:

Buy It Now using Niteflirt!

Buy It Now using Niteflirt!

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