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Wednesday…well, now it’s Thursday.

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

My sleep cycle is even more f’d up now. I was up til 5am. (a. was with me most of the night), I was doing site updates and talking on the phone. I fell asleep for about 90 minutes on my sofa with a movie on. Something woke me up…I forget what. Some noise….my cell phone maybe. Plus the sun streaming thru the picture window….as soon as I stirred that was it. I was back up. Made some coffee and toast, showered and went back to doing some web work. FINALLY felt genuinely sleepy around 11 am. Took a “nap” and got up at four PM. Bleh. Did my hair (blowout, more on that later). Took a walk around the lake. Went to pick up mail and got some green tea at Whole Foods. Then I was back online for some chat & phone sessions. More blog tweaks. Watched a couple of movies. Now it’s *only* 2:45 am but I feel GENUINELY tired. So I’m going to take advantage and get to bed in a few.

Before I do….I’m emailing cuckboy with some errands I want him to do. The rest of you…email me…and ask what YOU can do for Your Goddess. Or just pay attention to what you’re reading….you’ll figure it out.

I signed up for twitter tonite and put the widget in my sidebar. Since some of you have expressed interest in the micro-minutia of my life…you got it, dudes. I’ll be feeding it to you via cell phone, IM and live on the web LMFAO. I’m one interesting and self confident bitch but I’m even bored by some of this stuff. But hey…day in the life and all that. Isn’t that what blogs (all blogs, real blogs, most blogs) are all about? Staring at one’s navel and sounding self important? At least SOME of the time? Alright then, Imma make this a REAL blog about a REAL Superior Female, k?

And oh…speaking of cell phones. You can now text message Me at will IF you are an Inner Circle member. Just join, create a LiveJournal ID and then email me. You also get access to all the private podcasts listed on that page AND all future private podcasts.

Ciao for now.

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