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Thursday Randomness

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, March 24th, 2011

cuckboy phil $380 in 36 hours! well done

New Talksugar live line and a recording of my 12 Femdom Steps to Recovery! If you are not a member of Talksugar, sign up now thru my link & they’ll give you five bucks to try the service out – no risk.

I’ve been thinking about publishing totals for what certain boys spent last year.

My usual MO is to keep it behind a veil, like how the casinos don’t let you keep track of time or money when you’re on their premises, I think it is better for you to get lost in the moment and not think about totals, dollar signs & decimal points.

But I know it’s a rush for some of you & it is for me too, so maybe. Hehe, I’d definitely like to publish 3timeloser’s total. If I had to guess, well, 12k-ish.

Which reminds me ~ I may make a couple of phone calls & both of the area codes start with 516. FWIW 🙂

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