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The Freedom In Fetish

By Goddess Leesa on Sunday, April 17th, 2011

I’ve been thinking about the freedom we dommes have claimed for ourselves.

Freedom to express ourselves, freedom to express our sexuality, freedom to indulge in fetish in a sort of public way. (Yes, most of us still like to maintain some degree of privacy and that might vary from individual to individual, but … yes).

Freedom to be feminine, powerful & strong at the same time.

Freedom to work for ourselves & to do what WE love and avoid what we DON’T love.

Freedom to be financially secure – to be prosperous and profitable as we deserve to be.

And I was also thinking about some of you.

How in the closet you are.

How much MORE private you are than some of us are.

How terrified to disclose or be known in your daily life as the “perv” you are when you come online.

But – you know what?

Because of us, you are free as well. Free as you make up your mind to be anyway.

We give you a space where you can open up a little.

Where you can express those things you don’t DARE express anywhere else.

You experience a little piece of OUR libertine world and so you become free. Or at least free-r. OR free for that bit of time you spend with us.

With some subs, I’ve helped “birth” them into new beings that were not so afraid to express all that is inside them and to really experience some of it beyond the internet.

That’s what we women do – we bring new life into being.

Of course, you play a role in our world, too. You bring something to the table – a few things actually (or you wouldn’t be at MY table). Money, through financial servitude or pay-per-service, yes. But even a little more than that. I cannot practice my Art unless I have you for a canvas. We “need” each other, in that sense.

Symbiosis. The meaning of Yin and Yang the yinyang.

So. Know your role. Accept it. Play it well. And be free in MY world.

And now an ode to freedom and self acceptance.

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