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Sooooooo hot

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

It's just been so hot here. I don't feel like doing very much. I spent a few hours at the mall yesterday to escape the heat. We have no central a/c here, it's rare in older buildings where I live, so only two of my rooms are air conditioned with the wonderful wall sleeve a/c units. They work fine in 80 to 90 degree heat, in fact it's usually pretty frigid in those two rooms. Even my living room, which is a huge open area with a picture window, stays nice & comfy. My office just has a window fan, but with the breeze from the river, even that stays tolerably cool most of the time. But when the heat index tops 100 like it did yesterday there just seems to be little relief. Normally, I'd be down at the beach, but some personal commitments are making that impossible. I'm pretty much anchored to the home base, which isn't how I like it, but it's how things are. It's actually a good thing for my stable of Niteflirt boys, it means I'm available for you more. : ) Speaking of which, I'll be taking calls just about every afternoon and evening this week and next week…and will be making myself available this weekend, too.

Some great spoilage this week – got a box of full of goodies from Sephora, a pair of La Perla undies and my Ouidad Deep Treatment condtioner from “b” – a true and real servant who I had not taken the time to get to know before this. I absolutely *LOVE* boys who get off simply on giving to Me and it turns out that “b” is one of those. Pleasure from pleasing…it's a beautiful trait in a male. I also received a small order from Victoria's Secret – the two classic white blouses I wanted, courtesy of “r”. I'm pleased, because these white tailored blouses are a wardrobe staple for me. They look great with a pair of slim jeans or business like with a simple black skirt and heels. Dress it up or dress it down. I buy about six per year so that I'm never without one.

My “southernslave” has been calling again. I had not heard from him in a little over a year, but with our first call the other night it seemed we picked up right where we left off – and then some. That phone session was even more intense than our earlier ones, the way I remember it anyway. I think it was for him too. He emailed immediately after to thank Me for the way it went and to remind Me how much he enjoys the way I control him…and he was back on the phone again just four days later. “Southernslave” is a great example of how persistence pays off – I'm not always so easy to reach and he had been trying for a few weeks before we were finally able to connect. But he realizes it was soooo worth it – so don't give up if you've been trying to connect with Me. When the time is right, it will happen. And….it will have been so worth the wait.

Well, look at the time! I'm about a half hour behind schedule here, so I'll close here. Wishlist updates will be posted later today so stay tuned for that!

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