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Random Goddess Leesa 2010-05-09

By Goddess Leesa on Sunday, May 9th, 2010
  • Y!:Where's my money pak? You know who you are.. #
  • Y!:Just found out I can also add moneypaks to my Rush Card awesomeness giving PP my SS would suck #
  • Y!:And I ask again…where is my MoneyPak this shall remain my Yahoo custom msg for a while #
  • RT @mashable Betty White’s SNL Monologue Blasts Facebook [VIDEO] http://bit.ly/cKdAhj //LOL did she say theyre a front for the CIA (TRUTH) #
  • FUCK Facebook, I can't stress this enough #
  • RT @cdashiell @rayk58 doesn't think old white men are the best to judge what's good for us as a country any more//old PRIVILEGED white men #
  • RT @tSunshineLove Wow, can't you just feel the hate in the room? RT @glennbeckgirl Fuck you and that nigger Obama// I FEEL THE WINGNUTTINESS #
  • Y!:Its a nice day for a MONEYPAK yes indeed #

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