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Random Goddess Leesa 2010-05-08

By Goddess Leesa on Saturday, May 8th, 2010
  • Y!:mmmm think its time for a nice glass of wine #
  • I just ate the most delicious orange the inside was almost pink like a grapefruit #foodissensual #
  • FF followfriday @GoddessLycia @Blonde_ism @Princess_lyne @ThickDame #ff #
  • This is SOOO gushing fangirl of me but @JohnLeguizamo you're are SOOO fukkin hot #
  • New Millenium remixes @JohnLeguizamo is the John Garfield remix, Denzel Washington is the Humphrey Bogart remix #
  • Watch some Bogart filrms & tell me Denzel doesn't channel him. I have a feeling DW spent lots of time watching classic film grwing up #
  • Talksugar -2 'd me again I just decded to go back after deleting my listings in a huff because of them always taking my pts away #
  • hate that shit #
  • hah shoulda stuck with my old listings they had some pts were not (neg) will have to convert someone over there to raise my pts now #
  • @mzdevon oh yes indeedy – smart women rock in reply to mzdevon #
  • RT @SarasPlayroom Beautiful women toxic to men! Of course! This isn't new newz! http://tinyurl.com/23wozwy #
  • I wanna play #YouMightBeATeaBagger #
  • God I cant even think of really funny stuff when I think of "teabaggers" its all pretty grim but heres one #YouMightBeATeaBagger #
  • #YouMightBeATeaBagger if you take steven colbert literally when he's being satirical #
  • #YouMightBeATeaBagger if you think Fox is an actual news channel #
  • #YouMightBeATeaBagger if you think a centrist democrat is a "socialist" #

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