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Random Goddess Leesa 2010-05-07

By Goddess Leesa on Friday, May 7th, 2010
  • HUMAN TRAFFICKING ALARMISTS ON THE LEFT CRUSADE AGAINST CRAIGSLIST http://tinyurl.change.org/AHWFF Censorship SUCKS no matter who does it #
  • Everyone in the sex biz is not a "slave" the majority arent we as women should be crusading against archaic laws that criminalize sex work #
  • Not generalizing and whining about "trafficking" #
  • RT@cdashiell We didn't start a "culture war." We developed a culture, and the wingnuts reacted to it by going to war//PERFECTLY SAID #
  • Its National Masturbation Month & we're celebrating! Celebrate with us #jackathon http://phonesex.flirtz.net/ #MyFirstKiss was in the mirror #
  • #nowplaying Divinyls I Touch Myself #jackathon #namamo In honor of National Masturbation Month : D #
  • @amypaigesexy ha, sounds like a call i just had on NF in reply to amypaigesexy #
  • Y!:mmmm think its time for a nice glass of wine #

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