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By Goddess Leesa on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

I know many of you out there have been lurking and enjoying my voice posts & podcasts over here on LJ.

Well…here's what you don't know — I have more podcasts that I haven't released to the public and I'm about to start allowing access to those.

Here is how it will work:

If you are not already serving Me & you just come here & read I am selling access –  you can tribute here through Niteflirt and then set up your Live Journal account.  Message me to let me know your Live Journal name after you do it and I will add you to the Inner Circle.

My existing slaves and tributing boys will be allowed free access to all my blog entries.  Those with a LiveJournal   account will be added to my “Inner Circle” group & will immediately be able to see the protected entries that contain the podcasts.  Those without LiveJournal accounts will need to set up Live Journal accounts & then message me to let me know they want access.  You DO NOT have to blog here – you simply need to register an account.  You can leave your blog blank and just add ME as a friend.

My njlozer has been doing some blogging over at MyDommeSpace and I've created a feed for it over here on LiveJournal

So now, you can read of his ruination & addiction in his own words right here on My Friends page or directly at '[info]'njlozer4leesa

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