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piggiepeter meets The Puppet Mistress

By Goddess Leesa on Friday, October 5th, 2007

Snagged a new puppet tonight who danced to the tune of $185 in calls and then ordred this off my wishlist:

coffee table I wanted from My Amazon House Whims List

Way to go, piggiepeter.

By the way,  I was soooo not into this “piggie” stuff before.  I mean, referring to My slaves or even my humliation bois as piggies. 

But with some of you…well, I just seem to be slipping into it with some of you. 

Maybe it's because I chat with so many Niteflirt chicks nowadays.  It's kinda part of the Niteflirt jargon.

Or maybe with some of you the shoe just fits.

And hey, I guess if the shoe fits the piggiepuppet  is gonna have to buy it…..I mean wear it….well, both, actually, right?

Then again…some of you are just BEYOND piggie.  Like bubbleboi…formerly known as jacktard…so far beyond piggie.  

He's in a class by himself.   Debased, degraded, perverse, addicted…far beyond piggie.

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