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Oh Noes, it’s the Blackmail Virus! Japanese Haxorz Own & Financial Domme You

By Goddess Leesa on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Oh Noes, it’s the Blackmail Virus! Japanese Haxorz Own You & Financial Domme You

Ok, I want this and I am jealous I didn’t think of it first.

Porn virus publishes web history of victims on the net

lol Imagine? You come to my site and there’s a “Download” button for hot sexxxy dominant photos of Your Goddess. So you click the button and down comes…a Nipponese trojan virus to own your life. LOL All your computer browsing history gets sucked out of your computer and posted on a high traffic webpage – and I demand a five figure fee for its removal. It’s genius I tell ya, pure financial domination genius!

Quote: “5500 people have so far admitted to being infected” Thats a lotta suckerz out there you gotta admit. Hmmm, multiply 10,000 x 5500 = European vacation for Goddess Leesa. LOL! Tell me in the comments how much it would actually be worth to you to have this info removed if in fact I *was* able to do this to you.

Oh, and be careful out there on those torrent sites and “file sharing” sites. I want to make sure *I* am the only one fucking up your life, dig? LOLOLOL

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