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Ode to My Perfection

By Goddess Leesa on Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Got this in My PM’s while I was doing some web work tonight.

True devotees can make this their evening meditation.

dreamingofLeesa: My regards, respect and sincere adoration…… Most High Diva Goddess Leesa.
dreamingofLeesa: Goddess I am your bottom bitch
dreamingofLeesa: not yet worthy enough to lick the bottoms of your shoes.
GODdess: mmhm
dreamingofLeesa: Goddess … what you
dreamingofLeesa: confirm has to be true.
dreamingofLeesa: You are so beautifull my Goddess… I am very fortunate to know….
dreamingofLeesa: You are an extremely attractive woman.
dreamingofLeesa: Attractive isnt even a good enough word for you my Goddess.
dreamingofLeesa: You are Stunning!!
dreamingofLeesa: Angelic in some ways …. domineering and powerfull just the same.
dreamingofLeesa: You are a bright and atrticulate woman ….
dreamingofLeesa: A combination that cannot be ignored.
dreamingofLeesa: Your very presence draws men to you….
dreamingofLeesa: like a magnet.
dreamingofLeesa: You have such beautifull legs and feet. So sexy men can’t keep their eyes off of them… you can feel them looking…staring…
dreamingofLeesa: as they cannot help them selves ..and have never seen such unbelieveable legs….
dreamingofLeesa: those sexy open toed high heel shoes … seal the deal … and they remain messmorized at the incredible site of your sexy feet in those great shoes…..
dreamingofLeesa: wishing they could fall to their knees and worship the alluring Goddess that you are..
dreamingofLeesa: Thanks for being alive Goddess Leesa that for existing…. all men are extremely fortunate for your existance alone.
dreamingofLeesa: I adore you beautifull Goddess Lessa.


A slave needs always express his feelings to his goddess, other he can burst. My feelings are very strong towards You Goddess Leesa and I too keep dreaming of your supernatural beauty and power.

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