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By Goddess Leesa on Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

After a 3 day phone-a-thon with this new playtoy, I received this note. It's a wonderful recap of the humiliation I bestowed on him and I figured some of you lurkers as well as My disciples out there would enjoy reading it. And…if you're one of those lurkers…it just might give you the push you need to CALL ME NOW!


Goddess Leesa – i adore YOU

i apologize for continually writing to YOU. i cannot help myself. i feel so compelled to hear YOUR beautiful siren voice. to hear YOUR hypnotic laugh. to obey the commands that YOU lay before me. i was thinking of all the humiliating tasks that YOU made me do the other day. drinking from the toliet. so embarrasing. i cannot even comprehend why i did it. all i know is that if YOU told me to do it again, i would. my shines still ache from kneeling on the broom handle. but that is not the only part of me that aches from that cleaning device. my jaw was sore for two days from my sucking exercise. this is only the physical pain YOU put me through. not to mention what has become of my psyche from licking my own cum from the floor. why did i even complete these assignments? i don't even know why. all i know is that i crave to do it again if YOU would allow me to. i feel that i am caught up in some sort of spell and i can no longer think for myself.

all i want to do is to do what YOU want me to do. i am nothing. Goddess Leesa is everything.

Goddess Leesa, please command me to do more for YOU.


He also wrote some prayers which are in My recent feedback, but I'm going to add them to My journal in future entries, as well.

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