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Niteflirt Calls & The Power Exchange

By Goddess Leesa on Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Good calls the past two days. I like when I have callers who “get it” – you know, the ones where the call is really about the power exchange and they know it. The ones where your whole fetish, no matter what form it takes, is really about giving up control and you can feel that every minute that ticks by on the call, with every paid mail that you open, with every dollar that flows from you to Me – feel me taking you one step closer to surrender, feel Me re-inforcing your submission and your servitude to womanhood and The Goddess in Me. The calls where I can use your sexuality, your urges, your obsessions & your perversions to reinforce My control, to delicately pull the strings and prod and poke and have you dancing like the little performing monkeys that you are. To have you all performing for My pleasure and most of all, for My profit.

So much of what goes on via the Niteflirt lines is a cartoon caricature of submission & power exchange, and I guess that's ok for those who want it that way.

I like it so much better when I … and they… can really feel & experience the Power.

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