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My “schedule” or something like it

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, July 6th, 2006

I've been around so little the past six months..haven't bothered to update much. The time I have available for calls & online sessions has increased a bit, so I thought I'd post something like a “schedule” here for My loyal readers. : ) Now, mind you, “schedule” and “routine” are very dirty words to this Goddess – not dirty in a GOOD way either – but I do see some structure falling in place here for the next few weeks so I'll try to give you guys a very rough idea of when I'll be around for live calls.

Here is what the next few days are looking like:

Tomorrow – Thursday 7/6 – From 9 AM to 12-noon-ish I will try to turn my lines on. If I don't have them on I may be able to take an arranged call if you give me a shout on Yahoo messenger. If you don't have my messenger ID, that means you aren't in my inner circle & you can buy my Yahoo ID here through Niteflirt mail and message me to arrange a call. After 12 noon, I'll be busy until around 3ish, at which time I'll probably log on again. From 3 to midnight you can call if you see if I'm available, if my Niteflirt status is ARRANGE CALLS WITH ME you can use Yahoo to see if I'll be able to take your call.

Friday 7/7 – availability is pretty much the same, except I have plans for Friday evening after 7. I may take late night calls on Friday night but then again I may not if I'm having too much fun to bother : )


Saturday & Sunday – I have no idea, LOL, catch me if & when you can.

I have a few ideas to make myself more accessible to My addicted little sluts – and to keep the cash flowing without Me having to stay indoors on sunny summer days.

I'll be making those ideas a reality in the next couple of weeks. I can't pull the covers just yet, I don't want my “followers” to get the jump on Me and do it first. Let them run behind & bite at my ankles as they always do.

Today I received a hot ass pair of gold slides with a wooden platform & heel that had been purchased off my Amazon wishlist last week. I will TRY to find the time to snap some pics for My foot sniffers to drool over. If & when the pics are ready, I'll post an update here.

Check back tomorrow for more…I'm heading off to bed.


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