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My Beliefs – Female Superiority 101

By Goddess Leesa on Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

This isn’t about me broadening my dating horizons or getting revenge on some male who played me dirty. I am Dominant because I *AM* Dominant – and always have been. Although the goal of my traditional upbringing was to mold me into a woman who would serve her man, it was just not in my natural makeup to do that. I resisted that influence and remained true to who I knew I was and grew into the woman I am today. Owning my Power & Superiority doesn’t mean I hate men…well, not exactly, anyway. I like & enjoy *some* men – I just recognize the inborn weaknesses of you all and I’m here to exploit that, amuse myself with it and benefit from it. Don’t automatically include yourself in the subset of men that I might allow to get close to Me. You probably DO NOT belong to that very, very small group. And anyway, even if I liked you, that wouldn’t stop me from using your weaknesses for my amusement.


You are so high Goddess Leesa.

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