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By Goddess Leesa on Sunday, February 19th, 2006

If you're paying attention, you'll notice that there was a journal update here on 2/17/06, but you can't view it. The reason? I've marked it private because that particular entry is a voice post that I'm going to begin SELLING ACCESS TO very shortly. And ohhhh…it will be worth every penny & then some.

It's a voice post of miserable mikey singing yet another entertaining ditty to the tune of “Wake Me Up Before You Go” by WHAM! with me laughing my devilishly delicious laugh & commenting in the background. Really hot verbal humiliation & public degradation with a forced bi theme.

I'll be setting the links up for you to purchase the mp3 shortly.

I might be logging on for live calls for a bit after I go to brunch, that is, if nothing more interesting or more lucrative comes along….like yesterday where I recieved 300 bucks in drive by tributes before lunch. Stuff like that makes me lose all motivation to click that AVAILABLE FOR CALLS button. *yawn*

Plus…I'm involved in a new business venture that has started performing pretty well right from the gate. It HAS been taking up quite a bit of my time, but it's proving to be oh-so-worth the time I'm putting into it. I haven't even turned on messenger much but I've got a pocket PC on the way to me and when I get that I'm going to have a special-access messenger name for PAYING boys only.

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