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By Goddess Leesa on Sunday, July 9th, 2006

I’m an intelligent, lifestyle FemDom and fetishist. I’ve been honing my craft of women over men since my teenage years, but I truly came into my own as a college coed. I believe in the Superiority of the female gender and the ascendancy of a female driven society. I also believe in My own superiority. Intelligent? Well, when it comes to IQ points, I’m Mensa-eligible. Scored in the 99th percentile on my S.A.T’s and aced the GMATS too. Beautiful? Well, my legs have been known to stop traffic. My physical proportions are the prototype of the healthy, hearty and STRONG female form and I’ve got the look of a Mediterranean Goddess, My genetics the result of centuries of sea air & warm sunshine. Disciplined? I work hard to keep what I’ve got. I practice what I preach in my everyday life, 24/7. I answer to no man nor do I depend on one. Men may share my world and my space when they know their place and can serve a useful purpose for me. When I allow you to serve, it’s not because I need you to, it’s because I enjoy having you do it and your humiliation amuses me. I know My Power and am extremely comfortable with it. Once I grab hold of you, you are just putty in My hands or clay…ready to be molded & shaped the way I want you.


I want nothing more than being shaped and moulded by you Goddess Leesa.

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