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Is Financial Domination Real?

By Goddess Leesa on Sunday, August 10th, 2008

This was interesting. For a few reasons.

Interesting analysis of how the power exchange really does work in *some* interactions, anyway. Or how some males on the net would like it to work.


The comment from “Byrdie” is interesting too.

How inept and ineffectual “we” (some of us financial dominants and those who aspire to be) make ourselves seem. And yes, how pathetically easy it is to find “evidence” of this.

On the other hand…read MY blog and bask in MY successful ministrations & manipulations.


Completely unrelated: I said I was changing the theme here and I actually BOUGHT a theme pack. But I can’t get the home page to work and truthfully I like this one better, LOL. So for now this blog is staying as is. But I’ll use the theme pack over on my other website. So it’s not a total waste.


Goddess Leesa is the real deal. i would classify myself as a submissive male that knows and believes in female supremacy and domination. i think the domination comes in many forms, and Goddess Leesa dominates like no other.

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