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I’m just not that into you

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, March 24th, 2011

…and the date on my last blog post confirms it. Heh. See, here’s the deal. I have a life and business interests outside of my little home on the web. My business interests keep me pretty busy for approximately six months out of the year and I’ve been WAY too busy to concern myself with YOU. There are a few online boys I care about who have access and the occasional random caller who’s lucky enough to reach me, but I’ve been pretty much AWOL. Just ask 3timeloser. Attention whore/needy sub extraordinaire – he couldn’t cope with my laissez faire, keep him on a string handling over the winter months & he flaked out.

Yoo hoo, 3time I am now officially BACK. Time to come running with an envelope of CASH in your sweaty little hand, my near castrated little cuck!

Now that things have calmed down & I’m back to blogging, I find myself in a content creating mood. Expect good things, if I stay on the roll that I am on & don’t get distracted with all that spring & summer bring.

Keep me interested. You know how to do that, don’t you? CLICK CLICK

**I’ve already released one new Niteflirt recording and updated my other website & changed the design of some of my Niteflirt listings, I won’t link here, use a little initiative & search around. Prove your love.

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