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I’m baaaaaaaaaack

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Even though I've never really left, I had taken a long break from updating this site & my journal especially. So … where have I been? I've been busy in real life, bored with spending way too much time online, working on some other net projects and pissy & indecisive about where to go with my journal & my site.

One of my other net projects is a brand new topsite list I installed here:

Goddess Leesa's Fetish Finder

It's a really groovy PHP script that was lots of fun to tweak 😀 That list is open to all fetish, femdom, BDSM and financial domination sites. I am going to be opening another one on my personal domain soon just for special friends of mine.

As for the journal, well it sucked when a few months ago LiveJournal took a dive and was down for a few days. I had temporarily changed the link on my site to go to my Diaryland journal which was basically a mirror of this one cleaned up for use in other venues. Haha and then Diaryland took a huger DUMP than LJ did, and my diary has been offline ever since. Even though I can log in to DL and see my journal I can't seem to link to it from outside so I just have to consider it dead. What I may do is switch over to WordPress and keep LJ for it's community features, I STILL haven't made up my mind. Let me see if I really feel like continuing to update, or not.

On the personal front, besides moving and settling in to the new place, I've had a few difficult situations to deal with in my personal life that made being online & updating this site seem very tedious & low on my list of priorities. I don't ever want to keep doing anything that is not fun, enjoyable & enriching to Me. I've still been available for calls as many of you know *smile* and for messaging with my inner circle. But just couldn't invest the energy it took to opening up IM's, going into chats etc etc. Anyway, the fog is lifting a bit and things have fallen back into place (don't they always) and I've got some fresh new ideas for this site and some new horizons to explore.

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