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I see you baby

By Goddess Leesa on Saturday, April 16th, 2011

I just checked my stats and…

I See You, bebes

I See You, bebes

Searching on Goddess Leesa Phone – middleeasternslut*, you KNOW you messed up – CALL or are you afraid? or are you just looking to see if I mention you? I *hate* negative attention whoring – know this. But you’ve been mentioned, see what happens next…

Clicking from my Twitter.

Checking from your emails.

njlozer – been a long time, you need to call also. It’s good to see I’m still in your head, though. I wish I had downloaded my stats for the six months I’ve been “away” so I could really see…..

Come on, bebes, dip your toes back in the water. It feels good – and I won’t bite – much.

* footnoted this because I LAUGH about “dommes” who bitch about “middleeasterners” being “fake slaves”. Yeah, a lot are on Yahoo & clueless, but there are MANY MANY middleeastern & indian subs who are real, rich & ready to be raped. But I guess if you aren’t very “real” yourself, your instincts about these things can’t be trusted. C’est la vie.

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