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Greed is good….and snobbery isn’t always bad.

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Greed is good, greed is right, greed works. – Gordon Gekko

So here’s what I mean. Greed is good because greed fuels creativity (in some cases), greed fuels business and entrepreneurship, greed makes the world go round. MY greed is good because MY greed makes Me want to penetrate your mind, makes Me want to own you, makes Me want to take you and mold you and use you in the ways you need to be used.

It’s not just greed for greed’s own sake. Here’s something I wrote on the FinancialSlavery forum a while ago:

How does one reconcile being an intelligent, aware and perhaps socially conscious Dominant Woman with a lust for the finer things?

“Money isn’t everything, but poverty sucks”

I guess that sums up my findomme philosophy.

Believe me, there is nothing noble about having to wear crappy shoes from Walmart or Payless that fall apart in damp weather to boot…… as opposed to wearing fine leather from Bottega Veneta or even a nice sturdy pair of Nine West pumps.

I’ve been poor and I’ve been …. comfortable. Comfortable is better. And I imagine being filthy rich is better still. : ) Think globally, act locally and charity begins at home. : )

Having said that…..there are times when I read “greed blogs” and I wonder….come on ladies. Is this all there is? Just the mindless pursuit of material goods?

Nice things are wonderful to have, pretty things are wonderful to have, plain ole piles of money are wonderful to have….but it’s also about power exchange, excitement and …. other things.

When it comes to “goods”….I’m more into lusting after upscale goods because I’m interested in beauty & high quality, as opposed to lusting after designer labels so I can flash logos all over the place to impress people and feel better about myself. Make sense?


i want to You to own me, take me and mold me and use me in the ways i need to be used:oops:

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