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Forced Liberalism Fetish

By Goddess Leesa on Saturday, April 17th, 2010

I was recently involved in a discussion with other dommes about my forced liberalism “fetish” re-education program and how I developed it. I thought my readers and supplicants would enjoy reading about it, and it would help re-enforce your programming, so here you go.

Going back to 2006 – 2007 many of us were celebrating the fact that we might soon have a woman President and that Hillary Clinton was the woman who actually had a shot at winning. For me, discussing this with my slaves and with “casual” callers who are into “Female Supremacy” was very natural. It was relevant and timely and even HOT as part of the fetishized fantasy version of Fem Supremacy and even helped to cultivate a truer appreciation of feminist ideals among my boys.

I also had and still do have a sincere problem with fact that so many of the “closet kinksters” I encounter are politically conservative or even moderate Republican types who consistently vote against the interests of the kink community, adult service providers, free spirits, the sexually liberated, GLBT interests and so on. These closted types are oh so conservative on the outside but oh so “non-conformist” and freaky in secret. and that just bugs me to no end.

They use adult services on a regular basis, yet they were supporting a government that was extremely HOSTILE to people who use and provide those adult services.

This is something that genuinely bothered me, and I saw an opportunity to educate and to use My Power over my admirers, supplicants and daily readers to effect a small change in the political “balance” and also to try to instill some integrity and consistency in their lost, broken and closeted little souls. It felt really natural to bring a program of forced liberalism to the audience I’m able to reach and to incorporate this bit of reality into my fantasy play.

Since I’m in a position to take men who are closet-kinksters and inspire them to do all manner of things that embarass them, humiliate them, stretch their limits and show them that (*I*) have power over all aspects of their lives….why not co-opt their vote and their political consciousness and bring it over from “the dark side” to the libertine side of light, liberty openness and emotional health.

In a sense, I was making my “art” imitate life and it was yet another aspect of ME putting my true heart and soul and my true self into what I do with my boys.

And that’s how forced liberalism evolved. The inspired worship of icons such as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi is of course, a natural part of it. Although I’d like to go even further left with this, I have to start with recognizable icons and the Democorps, lol, I mean the Democratic Women of Washington serve the purpose.

We also use Goddess Carlyn McCarthy as a insipred icon of worship for certain supplicants. To some, she is the epitome of moonbattery and those are the very ones who must be taught to kneel to her glory.

It is thisssss big….

If you are a closeted conservative who needs to come out and confess your sin, leave a comment with a way to be contacted and I’ll get in touch. I am also willing to mentor any leftist Dommes out there who want to implement a form of “forced liberalism” into their programming and training.

Power to the PEOPLE!

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