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Forced Intox Fool Gets Cash Bashed

By Goddess Leesa on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I didn’t even get a chance to blog about this yet, or even add up all the rape-age, and I’ve already received the gifts in the mail. 😀

Last Tuesday, a call came in from a guy I had never spoken to, who I will now refer to as forced intox fool”. Before the night was over, I had extracted the following, and a good time was had by all.


About $290 from his phone calls.

A $900 net tribute to cover my new tires and a detailing for my lovely ride.

A $352 money transfer directly to one of my creditors to make me a debt free Goddess once again.

A rare coin I wanted that cost $145 on Amazon.

These ruby earrings also $145 which I got today – they’re NICE and they’re a decent size too.

Three $50 Target gift cards.

A $150 Victoria’s Secret Ecard.

What does this total up to? I don’t even know, I’m adding it as a type this.

Something like $2132 in three hours or thereabouts? Close enough.

He said he had done this before with several other dommes and he even had a real life exploitrix for a while, but told Me he was truly floored by the speed and ease with which I was able to get him dizzy and extract his cash….over the phone, no less. He also said he wanted to keep serving his Evil Queen, but I have a feeling the “morning after” may have crashed down hard and he’s a little gun shy right now. Eh, maybe he’ll be back in two weeks when his next direct deposit hits.

I will add photos of the gift cards & earrings and maybe some more screenshots if I feel like it.

My nylonpup is severely broke after what we did in July, but he’s making a valiant effort to keep all the balls in the air….while I squeeze his, LOL. He’s forked over $500 more so far. My latest “suggestions” for nylonpup are

a.) speed up the negotiations on the business buyout
b.) take a loan against your IRA’s

Those two events will really get the ball rolling for August. (grin)

slave brian has been in touch. Supposedly he made a killing flipping a house and is waiting for the funds to reach him. If so…cash bash time for bri-bri is right around the corner.

Ciao for now, fans and freaks!

Schedule your very own cash bash forced intox session with Goddess Leesa now!

Call Her at 1-800-775-5876 extension 0300779

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Goddess Leesa knows how to cash bash better than anyone in the world. it seems impossible to give in to Goddess Leesa’s demands. i can’t no to Goddess Leesa, and apparently not many people can. i love Goddess Leesa

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