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Financial Femme Fatale Foments Misery

By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

For the Enjoyment of You Financial Domination Voyeurs –  Here’s some Vicarious Misery for You to errr, wank to, I guess.

Woman ‘marries soldiers, steals life savings’

06:30 AEST Thu May 27 2010

US police have stepped up their hunt for a woman accused of marrying 11 servicemen so she could steal their life savings.

The army has hired a special investigator to track down Bobbi Ann Finley, who is wanted in three US states over love cons dating back to 1993.

She has reportedly had nine children by the men she has duped, with many of the soldiers unaware they have a child.

She has used at least 19 aliases as well as several different social security numbers to help her get away with the scam.

Authorities say Finley has perfected her cruel scam of wooing the serviceman and swindling them of their money.

She allegedly targets lonely soldiers at army bases who are about to be deployed overseas.

Finley tells the men she is the daughter of a high-ranking general and can only claim her substantial inheritance once she gets married.

After a whirlwind courtship, the con artist presses the men to get married.

Police say Finley waits until the men are overseas on deployment before running up monster credit card bills, writing false cheques and fleeing town.

One of the men, Shane Cheeseman, told US television he was devastated after learning Finley had conned him.

“I got married on a Monday, and that following weekend she was gone,” he said.

Police believe Finley has changed her surname several times to avoid capture.

She was last seen in July last year when she was arrested for making a false statement


By jacktard on June 4th, 2010 at 4:45 pm

The difference between Superior Female Goddess Leesa and her is that Goddess tells men that she is going to take everything. She tricks them.

Still, i rubbed my cock while i read it.

Well, jackatard, another big difference is that I do what I do without having to spit out NINE children. Good god almighty. LOL.

but another note, who knew that such a thing would be so illegal? Isn’t this kind of thing what men are FOR?

men are for whatever You want them to be Goddess Leesa. it is only right and natural for men to do Your bidding. Goddess Leesa is everything and i am nothing.

Amen to that, lozer.


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