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Chivalry is MY birthright, not a handicap, Feministing

By Goddess Leesa on Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Okay, feministing, this is where I part ways with you. We are definitely gonna have to agree to disagree on this issue – Feministing: Mandating Chivalry is Mandating SexismThey captioned this photo with “Okay, NOW you HAVE to make me dinner”. ORLY? Haha, no, Feministing, he has to let me walk on his coat to keep my feet dry AND go home and make ME dinner. LOL! Why should one thing cancel out the other or mandate a debt or a reciprocation that I don’t feel willing to perform? You ladies are nuts! Just because you feel obligated when a man defers to you doesn’t mean we all do. And it doesn’t mean the society should stamp out chivalry and deference on men’s parts because it makes certain “feminists” feel uncomfortable in some way! This male Latin language teacher is properly training and socializing those male students. He’s performing a valuable service for us – the true feminists among us, who recognize that Womankind needs to be exalted, revered and deferred to! What, would you rather have these boys sexting naked photos of their female classmates, Feministing? This male teacher is trying to socialize those types of urges out of these boys and teaching them to honor women as they should! These are the kinds of articles and positions that hurt true feminism.

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