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By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Wow, I had a long day. Slept in, but was out by noon for My nail appointment. Then to the post office to pick up several packages : ) and $350 from a new admirer. My tony picked Me up for dinner and then I headed back home & took a few Niteflirt calls this evening and got some important paperwork done.

After that, I chatted with some female associates & spent a little time here on MDS.

Now I'm finally ready to wind down…less than 2 hours before sunrise. Before I go, I'll share a poem that one of my distance slaves wrote for me a while back.


Her beauty stunning, possessive
Sultry eyes, sensuous
Her glare, a look that binds us
To Her we crawl, captured

Spiked heels, thigh highs and garter
A corset, loose ties, revealing
Fish nets, panty hose She whispers….
Kneel boy, submit to me

Full lips, high cheekbones – Dominance
Alluring, we come to You
Laughing, You own Your slave
And use him, taking his pride

Your beauty, we surrender
Your curves, we gaze
Your features, we crave
Your toys, are we

Full breasts, firm and round
Look at me boy says She
Worship my feet, my toes
Beg me, but please me now

Please me boy, or leave
Beg to gain brief moments
My beauty You will never know
But to dream and wish to serve

Worship my beauty, boy
Wonder and dream of my touch
My eyes will reach out to You
Submit to my stare – captured

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