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By Goddess Leesa on Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

Ok, so, I wanted a small cube refrigerator for my home office.  Looked around online and off.  The larger mini-fridges were all over the place, but I couldn’t locate a small cube fridge that was in stock — anywhere!  A family member who knew I was searching helpfully pointed out that the item I was looking for was available at Walmart.com. Now…I can honestly say, I have never set foot in a Walmart.  This isn’t due to snobbery or trying to seem elite.   Although I do enjoy a more refined shopping experience, I’m not above shopping for bargains or using mass-merchandise stores for those everyday necessities.  I’ve been known to haunt Target in search of cute household doo-dads & great deals on health & beauty aids.  I’ve done an occasional K-Mart junket, gotta love a store that features Martha Stewart products, yes?  Hell, I even have a CVS extra-bucks card  Image

But getting back to Walmart.  Up until a couple of years ago, they didn’t even exist in my neck of the woods.  But when they did start to invade my territory, I wasn’t tempted.  Forget, for a minute, the unpleasant aspects of actually being in the stores themselves.  More about that, and some other stuff, here: 
http://www.odonnellweb.com/mtarchives/000957.html   The major issues for me are their unfair labor practices, their exploitation of cheap foreign labor at the expense of American businesses and their right wing censorhip of what gets sold in their stores.  More about THAT, here:  http://www.wakeupwalmart.com/facts/ So, you ask…how did I wind up shopping at Walmart?  Well, when I was unable to find the cube fridge anywhere else that was convenient, I allowed someone to purchase it for me at Walmart.com. Over the next 3 days, I kept ruminating about this decision.  I practically felt like a “fallen woman” LOL!  I had finally, definitively decided to have the order cancelled – but it was already too late, because I arrived home right after making up my mind, and the fridge was there waiting for me!  To make matters worse, I had been to Target and they had the same cube, in stock, at the SAME WALMART PRICE, I might add….so much for Big Wally underselling the competition!

Now I must seek redemption!  I researched W.’s return policy and I am having the fridge brought into a store & a refund will be issued. Meantime, I’ve got a Target gift card on the way from one of My wish lists and the Target-purchased cube will be in My hands, shortly.
I’ve been purged! Cleansed!  Redeemed!  And I’ve spread the Gospel to My followers as well. I feel new. If somehow you didn’t get the message, or you feel inclined to argue politics with Me, visit My web pages  immediately and arrange for your forced liberalism training.  You are obviously sorely in need of re-education. ]]>

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