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By Goddess Leesa on Monday, November 8th, 2004

Ok I just finished shopping VS to use up a gift cert I had. Got a pair of suede shoes, funky black O-ring top and a pair of black sheer panythose. Right now I'm getting ready to go over to the new place and get some stuff organized. I have, hmmmm about nine pair of old shoes I want to get rid of, I bet there are a couple of foot sniffers out there who just got goosebumps reading that :LOL LOL:

Beg nicely like good little sock monkeys and do something for Goddess…and you might just luck out and get a pair, like jackieboy did the other day. Oh wait, he got one shoe…the mate to the other shoe that he had earned a year and half ago. Really impress me and you just may get both shoes at the same time.

Oh, and have you been clicking those links up there next to “PRAISE MY NAME”? You should be.

Click here to give housewarming gifts.

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